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Name:Keely Lois McCarthy
Birthdate:Aug 7
Location:Brooklyn Heights, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Keely Lois McCarthy spent her childhood growing up in the same street as Reecy Chester and Winston Slater. Reecy and Winston were inseparable BFFs and Keely sort of tagged along for the ride. Unlike Winston and Reecy, who were both only children of their families, Keely has eight brothers and sisters, including triplet sisters and twin brothers. She arrived right in the middle of both, and of course her family were often the brunt of "Why didn't you give up after the first lot?" jokes. They were both stand-up comedians on the New York comedy circle, so they were more than happy to cop jokes any time throughout their lives. Whilst her mom put her career on hold to happily be a stay-at-home-mom, her dad's career boomed and he's not a pretty popular American comedian, and still tours the country doing live shows.

Due to the sheer size of Keely's family, they were definitely a mixed bag. All sorts of careers came through in her siblings, though she was always one who didn't really know what she wanted to do. It was why she ended up deciding on the extremely boring college path of her Masters of Business Administration. The only reason she finished it was because she didn't want to waste the money invested in it. The job wasn't people-y enough for her. She was sassy and had a wicked sense of humour. She probably should've gotten into comedy like her parents, though she always tended to prematurely give away punch lines or forget them completely.

She took a handful of business positions once she graduated, but she found the dislike for the career put her into a depression and she picked up a drinking habit she isn't proud of to this day. It wasn't what she would call severe by any means, but when she wasn't at work, all she wanted to do was party to keep her spirits up. Booze was free-flowing in the nightclubs she was go to with Reecy, though that stopped once Reecy scored the role in Footloose, and her nights became quite busy. It was Reecy who sat her down one day and told her she had to sort herself out, and she had to do that by finding a job she loved or this lifestyle would kill her. It was about this time that Reecy began to speak so highly of her young co-star and main star of the musical, Justin Campbell.

Keely got a job in the entertainment industry working on an events scheduling with a popular New York venue. It was much more involved with people, and she began to feel more at home, but the novelty wore off. That was when Reecy asked her how she might feel about being a Personal Assistant... albeit a pretty hands-on one. Keely wasn't sure what she meant by that, so Reecy brought her along to meet Justin at one of his rehearsals for his charity work. She explained that Justin's schedule was getting more and more busy, and with his illness, he was considered to have a disability. He needed a Personal Assistant to help manage him, but his family weren't holding out hopes on him trusting anyone enough to be close enough to him to become his PA.

It seemed to help that Reecy knew Keely and vouched for her. Justin gave her a trial run shadowing him, but kept her at arm's length the whole time. Keely never felt like he was scrutinising her or anything like that. He just seemed to be sussing out if she could cope with the demands of being around him, sometimes around the clock, doing a lot of personal things for him... including dog sitting his little companion therapy dog, Dory, who was cute as a button with an infectious personality to boot. It turned out that Keely ultimately clicked really well with Justin, and he soon agreed to give her a six month trial.

Keely finally felt she had a job she adored and felt at peace with. Not only that, she got to spend more time with Reecy and Winston (who was dating another Broadway star, Romeo Dalton), but she began to meet some really cool new people. With her new job, Keely's life exploded and she seemed to have a real knack for the PA thing, though it could just be because Justin was an easy kid to work with once he knew you and trusted you. However, despite knowing about his mental illness and history of trauma, Keely could never have expected that in just a few short weeks of starting the job, Justin would attempt to take his own life.

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